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Re: How about releasing an update of xorg-x11-drv-intel for Fedora 11

Dne 14.10.2009 22:26, Adam Williamson napsal(a):
> I agree with this, but by the same token, the use suggested by Matej
> seems against the purpose of updates-testing, as does the original idea
> in this thread (push some Xorg changes we'd never be happy about putting
> in stable into it). I also agree with Kevin - maybe we don't need to
> *disallow* updates sitting in -testing for a long time, but updates
> sitting there for a long time is an indication of potential issues and
> it should be flagged for tracking.

OK, thanks for clearing my internal conflict for me -- now there would
be no n-2 new packages from me. Simple, easy. (BTW, I always have karma
switched on, but usually nobody bothers to push karma up, so none of my
packages got pushed to stable based on its karma).


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The state is the great fictitious entity by which everyone seeks
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