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Re: How about releasing an update of xorg-x11-drv-intel for Fedora 11

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> They won't sit in forever, at worst they'll be pushed to users with the
> next Fedora release (that will have been tested properly during beta)

That's what I mean by "forever". It's "forever" as far as that one release 
is concerned.

> No. It's *our* loss if we needlessly frighten of part of our userbase with
> a shoot and forget attitude.

Pushing things which have been tested on at least one Fedora release and 
which were in updates-testing for a week or two with no complaints is not 
"shoot and forget", it's "I tested it and it worked for me, and nobody else 
appears to have any issues with it either, so it's silly to withhold it from 

It's the "I'll never update packages in existing/previous releases because I 
can't/won't test them myself" attitude which is really "shoot and forget": 
"shoot" with the one-time release, "forget" because you won't be updating 

For example, I find it sad you switched to fire-and-forget "maintenance" for 
dejavu-fonts. The monthly updates were a good thing, they rarely if ever 
caused any problems and they improved font coverage.

        Kevin Kofler

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