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Re: Who do I send to get a package removed because of bad language.

2009/10/16 Haïkel Guémar <karlthered gmail com>:
> Le 16/10/2009 19:19, Toshio Kuratomi a écrit :
>> On Fri, Oct 16, 2009 at 12:58:39PM +0800, Steven James Drinnan wrote:
>>> I recently installed gestikk. And to my horror one of the dialogs said.
>>> (Check Box) F*** off
> I recently came accross Gnaughty (aka Fast and Easy Porn Downloader),
> I'm seriously thinking to file a ticket against it. It can be used to
> download p0rn, yuck !
> What sort of content should we provide as replacement ?
> Is this a joke ? On the one hand, we provide gnaughty, on the other
> hand, we are seriously thinking patching Gestikk for the use of the
> F-U-C-K word in an obscure dialog. Non coherent, either throw gnaughty
> away and patch Gestikk, or just let it be.
> It's not really that offensive (sexist, racist, homophobic etc...), it's
> not installed by default so it won't hurt our image. Anyone offended
> should go complain to upstream, Fedora maintainers have no time to waste
> on such petty issues.
> If you don't like it, don't yum it first.

I disagree with that last line -- on the one hand, people installing
gnaughty presumable know what they're installing, but "if you don't
like it, don't yum it" doesn't really apply to apparently mainstream
apps that unexpectedly swear at you.

I wouldn't advocate the app being removed from Fedora or anything, but
I do think things like this are inappropriate and should be patched by
the maintainer.


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Interaction Lab -- http://sites.google.com/site/hwinteractionlab/
School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences, Heriot-Watt University

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