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Re: Who do I send to get a package removed because of bad language.

On Fri, Oct 16, 2009 at 10:29:46PM +0200, Haïkel Guémar wrote:
> Le 16/10/2009 19:19, Toshio Kuratomi a écrit :
> > On Fri, Oct 16, 2009 at 12:58:39PM +0800, Steven James Drinnan wrote:
> >> I recently installed gestikk. And to my horror one of the dialogs said.
> >>
> >> (Check Box) F*** off 
> >>
> >> No lie, 
> >>
> >> So how does one recommend that this be removed.
> >>
> > What we'll probably do is patch the code to have a less obscene and more
> > helpful dialog.  To get that done, submit a bug on::
> >   https://bugzilla.redhat.com/
> > 
> > with what to click on to get the offending dialog to pop up.
> > That will get the maintainer's attention and they'll be able to deal with
> > it. If you don't get a response for some reason (maintainer on vacation,
> > etc), feel free to CC my email address and I'll take a look at creating a
> > patch.
> > 
> > -Toshio
> > 
> I recently came accross Gnaughty (aka Fast and Easy Porn Downloader),
> I'm seriously thinking to file a ticket against it. It can be used to
> download p0rn, yuck !
> What sort of content should we provide as replacement ?
> Is this a joke ? On the one hand, we provide gnaughty, on the other
> hand, we are seriously thinking patching Gestikk for the use of the
> F-U-C-K word in an obscure dialog. Non coherent, either throw gnaughty
> away and patch Gestikk, or just let it be.
Well -- this is different in two ways:
1) gnaughty's purpose is to download porn.  Getting rid of its ability to
download porn makes it pretty useless.  gestikk's purpose is to enable mouse
gestures on multiple window managers.  If we rid of the "Fuck off" string
it's still able to perform its activities.

2) Removing gnaughty from the distribution prevents people who want to use
it from being able to use the program.  Removing the string in the glade
file of gestikk does not impact their ability to use the program.

3) gnaughty's description reads: "Application to download automatically
adult sex content, i.e. movies and : pictures, from a known internet
directory".  gestikk's description does not inform the user that language
unsafe for making a good impression on the boss to see is held in the

4) if someone installs gnaughty and clicks on the menu entry, they
immediately realize that it's retrieving pornography and they would be wise
not to show that particular program to their parents, kids, or coworkers.
If someone installs gestikk they will get a program that seems inocuous
enough until someone forgets to click on Apply before closing the
configuraiton dialog (and apparently, only with certain values even then).

> It's not really that offensive (sexist, racist, homophobic etc...), it's
> not installed by default so it won't hurt our image. Anyone offended
> should go complain to upstream, Fedora maintainers have no time to waste
> on such petty issues.
> If you don't like it, don't yum it first.

I disagree on several counts.  Most relevant first:

* This is a problem that a Fedora maintainer should hear about.  The Fedora
  maintainer may choose to spend time on it or may choose to send it
  upstream.  This may be related to time or may be related to how they feel
  about non-professional language.  This is a maintainer's choice.
* I volunteered to make the patch if the maintainer didn't want to do it.
  (And then perhaps I can talk the reporter into submitting hte patch
  upstream for me ;-) So this takes part of the time burden away.
* I agree this isn't in the same realm as overt racism, sexism, homophobism,
  etc.  It's more in the realm of unproffessionalism.  If our users can't
  tell that they could be showing a coworker or their parents how to use
  this program and how they use it that particular time shows something
  that gives the viewer a lower opinion of Fedora then we are failing.
* People need to be informed that this language exists in the program if we
  expect them to make the choice to not yum install it.  Rather than
  labeling all of our software safe/not safe for work we should simply make
  it safe when it's an easy change like this.


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