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Re: Who do I send to get a package removed because of bad language.

Just to make it clear, I just don't care about gnaughty presence or not
in repositories. I'm not a Debian freak, you know :)

I'm just worried that we might burden package maintainers with
additional, boring and mostly useless censorship tasks. First, optional,
then mandatory.
Erm, if we were to take care about rude language, we might need to patch
some Fedora maintainers too, though it would make things much less

To finish with gnaughty, we do have some underaged Fedora users. The
youngest, I ever met at an event was 12 yo (and he did install himself
his Fedora!). I don't think that parents would agree about distributing
such stuff.
My opinion is parents should monitor their kids, not Fedora guys, but
implementing some kind of filter as a yum or a PackageKit plugin might
help them. But this is another discussion.


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