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gnaughty (was: Re: Who do I send to get a package removed...)

On Fri, 16 Oct 2009 22:29:46 +0200, Haïkel wrote:

> I recently came accross Gnaughty (aka Fast and Easy Porn Downloader),
> I'm seriously thinking to file a ticket against it. It can be used to
> download p0rn, yuck !
> What sort of content should we provide as replacement ?
> Is this a joke ?

It seems so. What will be the next step? Fedora bookmarks for Firefox,
which point at the same web sites that gnaughty uses and advertises?
More tools like that? A competing tool for a competitor's adult web site?
A comps group for such software packages?

| Description: Application to download automatically adult sex content, i.e.
|            : movies and pictures, from a known internet directory.

"Known"? Known by whom? It can't be spelled out like in the README?
All what the tool seems to do is to serve as an advertisement. It is
trying to lure people into visiting those web sites with a normal
web browser, isn't it?

> On the one hand, we provide gnaughty, on the other
> hand, we are seriously thinking patching Gestikk 

We shouldn't provide gnaughty with a hardcoded download site and hardcoded
search terms. It is not a versatile downloader like wget/curl, however,
that can be pointed at arbitrary URLs. It is limited to downloading from
that one directory that it tries to advertise.

And we should remove bad language from gestikk and convince gestikk
upstream to remove it, too.

> Fedora maintainers have no time to waste
> on such petty issues.

Why not? It's not much different from spending time on legal issues, such
as verifying the licensing terms applied in source files, removing source
code or content we don't want to ship, or making sure we don't include a
Yum repo definition package for RPM Fusion. Can you tell whether the tool
_by default_ (!) offers illegal content?

> If you don't like it, don't yum it first.

Doesn't fix the image trouble. Doesn't answer whether the Fedora Project
wants to be responsible for offering and redistributing this software and
thereby preselecting the hardcoded adult web sites.

You want to move the adult-check from web sites (which don't belong to the
Fedora Project) into the Fedora Installer or into RPM?

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