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USB Keyboard Amok?


Logitech USB Keyboard
Asus Motherboard


Approximately every 100th cold boot/system restart, the 
BIOS message, as it is displaying memory, hard drives, 
etc., is all scrambled, even in colour, and the beep 
that normally occurs at boot becomes a single long ring 
that never stops, and the system hangs, unresponsive to 
any input.


To remedy this, one must unplug the computer, wait 
until the LED on the motherboard extinguishes, remove 
the battery from the motherboard, plug in a spare PS/2 
keyboard, put the battery and power cable back in, and 

Then, the BIOS settings must all be set from scratch, 
as they are totally awry - no, not the defaults! If one 
does not use a PS/2 keyboard, no keyboard entry is 
possible. If one does not remove the battery, then some 
mysterious BIOS supervisor password will be set that 
cannot be circumvented (I don't use a BIOS supervisor 

After having performed all of these steps, the system 
works perfectly, like before, until about the 100th 
time (wild guess - a long time - but often the problem 
occurs 2 or 3 times in a row, then not at all for 
weeks). Curiously, the same problem existed with a 
previous Asus motherboard (same USB keyboard, which 
works perfectly, as far I am able to determine from 
regular, daily use).

Is this an Asus problem, since 2 Asus motherboards are 
affected (I upgraded the BIOS, but there have not been 
any new upgrades available for 18 months), a USB 
keyboard problem (the problem occured on the older 
motherboard while kbd, not evdev, was in use), or 
something altogether different? I have been unable to 
replicate the problem or determine any actions/states 
that appear to produce it.

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