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Re: Who do I send to get a package removed because of bad language.

> Maybe this could be added as a feature in future releases -  there may
> not be many packages that need to be added but it would give a big group
> of users some peace of mind.

IMHO if this kind of feature is accepted would be needed to do in other cases, for example about religion. In a fast search:

bibletime.i586 : BibleTime is an easy to use Bible study tool for KDE
gnomesword.i586 : GNOME-based Bible research tool
kio_sword.i586 : A lightweight frontend for the Sword Bible project for KDE
sword.i586 : Free Bible Software Project
sword-devel.i586 : Development files for the sword project
xiphos.i586 : Bible study and research tool

Maybe some parents would like to keep their children apart of contents like these.

My 0.02€


Ismael Olea


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