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Re: [Fwd: Junior Jobs]

2009/10/19 Miroslav Suchý
> May be good idea for Fedora as well...
> Mirek
> -------- Původní zpráva --------
> Předmět: [opensuse-packaging] Junior Jobs
> Datum: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 14:46:58 +0200
> Od: Michal Hrusecky
> Hi,
> lately we formulated concept of openSUSE Junior Jobs[1]. Maintainers of
> openSUSE packages can choose some of theirs easy bugs and mark them as
> Junior Jobs. Then anybody from community can volunteer and fix these
> issues. These tasks will be easily fixable and their purpose is to let
> people learn how to contribute and to create some easy task so anybody
> can join and start participating.
> [1] http://en.opensuse.org/Junior_Jobs

Not a bad idea. I think at least the KDE project does a similar thing.
Maybe other projects do this too.

Implementation of this brings back the question: Shall the packagers
have an option to give commit access to every other packager and not
just to provenpackagers? This question arises because provenpackagers
are by definition not "junior"s.

The last time I talked to cvs folks, they told me that the code is
there for this option but it needs some testing. Any progress there?


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