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Re: Who do I send to get a package removed because of bad language.

Dne 19.10.2009 02:39, Ismael Olea napsal(a):
> bibletime.i586 : BibleTime is an easy to use Bible study tool for KDE
> gnomesword.i586 : GNOME-based Bible research tool
> kio_sword.i586 : A lightweight frontend for the Sword Bible project for KDE
> sword.i586 : Free Bible Software Project
> sword-devel.i586 : Development files for the sword project
> xiphos.i586 : Bible study and research tool
> Maybe some parents would like to keep their children apart of contents
> like these.

Let's not go into comparing mental illness with Bibles (and any replies
which will try to do so, go mercilessly to /dev/null). For purposes of
our discussion what's material is that neither sword-derived programs
nor gnaughty bring any content (there are no Bibles in all those
packages, you have to download them from the Sword website), so any
discussion about that are pure loss.


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