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Re: Thunderbird 3.0rc1

On 10/19/2009 3:05 PM, mcloaked wrote:
> David <dgboles <at> gmail.com> writes:
>>> I presume that it will go out with GLODA and smart folders turned OFF?
>> GLODA  -  Global Search and Indexer  -  is defaulted disabled from
>> Mozilla. I am forever seeing users talking about having 'emails going
>> back years' and this feature would help in searching for that question
>> and answer that might solve a problem. And once indexing is done the
>> first time it is not a 'machine stopper' to use it enabled.
>> However you don't need it if you only want to count the emails and never
>> search them.  
> I don't know if you saw the rather extended thread recently concerning the 
> release of thunderbird 3.0b4 but there were significant problems with GLODA. 
>  Having it off by default and make sure users are informed that it is 
> available is the better way to do things - however in 3.0b4 it was ON 
> by default and caused a huge headache for users with significant volumes 
> of mail across multiple accounts.
> I'll refer to the thread if you missed it.

I had no problems with Thunderbird 3.0b4 or any of the nightly builds
that have lead up to it. Once or twice over the many months I had a
'bad day' but it was corrected by the next night's build. I should say
that these are Mozilla nightly builds and not Fedora's. I currently am
using 3.0pre dated Oct 19, 2009. I turned on GLODA as soon as it was
available. It took some time to complete the first time. From then on it
takes nothing that I can never notice unless I see the information show
up in the activity notification area.

As for the thread you mentioned? I saw that I seem to recall that no one
really had a problem other than the amount of time it took to do the
indexing the first time. But I did not find that a major problem or
experience any others with the 3.0b4 series. And to repeat myself -
these were *not* Fedora supplied packages. They came directly from Mozilla.

I also get my Firefox nightly-build packages directly from Mozilla.
Mozilla does not force all of those language packages on me as Fedora
does.  :-)

But seriously if you think that this is really important you should
write a Bugzilla on it so that the maintainer(s) will know about this.
Writing to a mailing list normally only generates message threads.


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