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F-12 upgrade experience with Dell D630

Hi All,

As the Dell Latitude D630 is one of the more common devices that smolt
reports being used by Fedora I thought I'd mention my upgrade
experience and issues for F-12.

Probably the two usual things that people query are grahics and wifi.
The model I have has the Intel IWL-4965AGN device which as expected
works fine.

I'm having a few issues with the nouveau driver with plymouth in that
it doesn't work at all but if I remove all the options from the kernel
boot line it gets to X and apart from some initial corruption as GDM
comes up its OK from there. I have no idea how to debug this.
Thankfully the issue with detection of my 2nd screen at 1680x1050 is
no longer and it now works great. Laptop screen is 1440x900 and I use
to have to run a manual 'xrandr --auto' to get it to detect both
resolutions properly and configure it.

Probably the most annoying is the breakage of sound. This seems to
have every other kernel/alsa/pulseaudio update and was an issue on and
off right through F-11 as well so its not exactly surprising but also
disappointing that one of the most common devices running Fedora has
sound broken on a semi regular basis. Again some pointers in debugging
this so it can be fixed by F-12 final would be great.

The only other very minor issue I see is that the icon spacing on the
gnome panels is massive!


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