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Re: How about releasing an update of xorg-x11-drv-intel for Fedora 11

James Antill wrote:
>  Wow ... it's almost as if we need a place where developers could put
> _updates_ for a significant amount of time so that users could do some
> _testing_ on them, under each of their particular conditions. We could
> maybe use this instead of developers hitting the go button when they
> didn't get an avalanche of BZs immediately.

We use updates-testing very carefully in KDE SIG. But many users only start 
trying out updates when they go stable, no matter how long they've been in 
testing. :-( So some bugs will always slip through the cracks (and not just 
in KDE). Any testing repository will by definition only be used by testers, 
i.e. by a rather small subset of our userbase.

But I think that overall, our updates are a good thing. They aren't perfect, 
but no software is! And if you read the complaints about Vi$ta service packs 
rendering some systems unbootable, it's not like our competition is doing 
any better. AFAIK, we haven't had serious breakage like those KMail IMAP 
issues for a while now.

        Kevin Kofler

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