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Unresponsive maintainer for system-config-cluster


Jim Parsons left Red Hat a little while back and the only contact
details I have is his Red Hat email address, which is of course no
longer valid. I've opened a bugzilla #530027 as per the unresponsive
maintainer procedure, but I was hoping to be able to skip the section
regarding sending of messages since there seems little point sending to
an email address which I know (and which other Red Hat employees can
easily verify) will not be answered.

Instead I've emailed the one other person who had access to that package
and that has also gone unanswered (see the bugzilla).

There are a number of outstanding bugs filed against
system-config-cluster (including the fact that it seems that it has not
passed an initial review) which I've listed out in the bugzilla.

I would like to either fix (or preferably just remove) this package as
it creates configs for GFS2 which are incorrect and is thus causing
confusion to all who attempt to use it.

Therefore this is my formal request to become maintainer of this


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