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Re: Fedora 12 Beta

Dne 21.10.2009 12:31, Michał Piotrowski napsal:
I just installed F12 Beta. Here are some thoughts

Thank you for testing the Beta.

1 - during the first boot smolt panicked - there was an error related
to time zones in python-sitepackages or something like that.
2 - I tried to reboot the system - ctrl + alt + del, but it stopped on
process termination
3 - after reboot system wanted my root password for partition check -
after I pressed each key, the system gave me a communicate about wrong
I guess this is a plymouth bug. I disabled it in grub conf and system
works correctly. Is there any chance to completely remove plymouth
from the system? (even from initrd)
4 - F12 boots really slow on my laptop
http://www.stardust.webpages.pl/files/tmp/bootchart.png something
wrong is happening while udev loading
5 - default gnome sound scheme is terrible

Have you file Bugzilla tickets for any of these issues? If not yet, please do so and provide more detailed information if possible.


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