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Notice: Fedora 12 Tagging Status Update

Fedora Release Engineering decided to deal with the 250+ backlog of Bodhi update requests by tagging them all into f12-final. Bodhi is now disabled for Fedora 12 updates.

1) Why tag all Update requests into f12-final?

At this point of the schedule we realized that there were updates sitting in the queue from since October. They were sitting there. Not getting pushed to any repository. Rawhide gives these packages several more weeks of testing exposure. This was decided to be better than a flood of day zero updates that are poorly tested.

2) When will we be able to submit Updates again?

Rel-eng will decide when to begin accepting Updates for Fedora 12 again during Monday's rel-eng meeting. Meanwhile please use the rel-eng ticketing system to request tagging into f12-final.

3) How do I file a tag request to include my package into Fedora 12?

Please file tag request tickets here if you want your package build to be included in Fedora 12. Please include details like:
* Full Name-Version-Release of your package(s)
* What changed?
* How risky is this change?
* How important is this change?
* How well tested is this package build?
* Is this package in the critical-path list?

4) Which packages are critical-path?

Unfortunately we do not yet have a permanent URL with the critical-path list. This page contains an auto-generated list of critical-path packages as of today.

If your package is not critical-path and not a risk to others to update, then it is highly likely proper to tag at this point of the schedule.

5) How many untagged packages are there?

koji list-tagged --latest dist-f12-updates-candidate

This command lists all packages that are not tagged for f12-final. In some cases these are false positives because a newer package is instead tagged into f12-final. After you have tested your package and verified it doesn't make things worse, please file rel-eng tickets to have it included.

Please direct questions to fedora-devel-list.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

Fedora-devel-announce mailing list
Fedora-devel-announce redhat com

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