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Major reorganization of TeX Live packages


I would like to announce couple of major changes in the TeX Live 2009

The main improvements are:

* TL2009 now contains virtual provides to resolve dependencies among
.sty files. This assures you have a complete set of other styles
installed in order to use one. To install a particular style you can
do e.g. "yum install 'tex(upref.sty)'" and you needn't to know it comes
from texlive-amscls package. The exception are dependencies to styles
which are either commercial (such as mathtime.sty) or not available from
CTAN. These styles were blacklisted and dependency generator ignores

* Upgradability from older TeX Live 2007 is now improved. You may
remember that the biggest problem with upgrading TL is not in TeX Live
itself but in utilities around it, like xdvipdfm, psutils, etc. that
needs older kpathsea library than shipped with TL2009. I've done some
modifications so that starting with texlive-2007-45 and higher, both
newer and older libraries can coexist. So you should be able to run
your F11 apps linked against old kpathsea together with new TL2009.

* a version string was added to noarch packages to allow to upgrade
all of the noarch packages even if upstream hasn't done any
modifications. This allows me to not to break upgrade path if some
major packaging changes are made and these packages need to be rebuilt.

* TL packages released under GFSL license are now added.

In case you have an older TL2009 installed on your system from the
testing repository, please consider removing it and installing again.


Jindrich Novy <jnovy redhat com>   http://people.redhat.com/jnovy/

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