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Re: Fwd: Request to update ATi OSS driver for Fedora 12

To Adam Williamson

I try to add kernel parameter nomodeset to turn off KMS. After logging in Gnome and run gnome-terminal, I can scroll up and down my mouse so smoothly. I do not feel scrolling in the terminal is slow. 

Before doing that, I installed Fedora 12 Beta and upgrade to the latest packages in VirtualBox 3.0.8. The situation is the same with the host which is turned off KMS. 

We can sure that KMS for R600 cause the problem. But KMS in the mainline kernel is experimental. I believe that the bug will be fixed. Thanks to Fedora developers, I can enjoy compiz with  opensource drivers. 

Another things, xorg-x11-drv-ati with mesa-dri-drivers-experimental seems not to ru gnome-shell. Does it mean that ATi opensource need more OpenGL extensions to stand for gnome-shell?

Plymouth is so beautiful and smooth when I start up my Fedora 12, nevertheless, it does not work when I shutdown or reboot my box. I just can see a black screen or console status. How can I make plymouth run again?

ATi should learn Intel how to develop opensource drivers for their graphic card. The relationship between ati and radeonhd should be cooperation not competition. This is just my opinon. 

Fight for freedom!!!!(3F)
Ask not what your Linux distro can do for you!
Ask what you can do for your Linux distro!

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