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Re: The future of "rawhide" (was [Fwd: Re: "What is the Fedora Project?"])

On Thu, 2009-10-22 at 09:50 -0700, Jesse Keating wrote:

> This is my vision on how to accomplish both a always active development
> stream, and a more stable pending release stream, keeping everybody
> happy.  Want to help?  I'll be at FUDCon Toronto discussing roadblocks
> to this vision and discussing why this vision sucks if anybody thinks
> that it does.  Or just find me on IRC/email if you want to chat about
> it.

Not a bad idea. In all honesty, I find rawhide is rarely fully
installable out of the "box" anyway...this isn't a grumble! I think it's
better to embrace reality and have multiple trees, though I am
interested in whether that pending release couldn't also one day have a
counterpart that had more longevity - a "testing" release (not the same
as the "testing" that we currently have through updates) :)


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