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Re: Fedora with Universal Binaries?

tor 2009-10-22 klockan 12:28 -0500 skrev King InuYasha:

> I just saw this article about an effort to create Universal binary
> style ELF binaries for Linux, and I thought that this would be
> something to watch, so that Fedora could integrate both x86-32 and
> x86-64 into single DVD sets.

There's already lib / lib64 for parallell-installation of libraries,
though granted it's limited to only two arches, but yes, something that
covers bin too would be useful. But I doubt fat binaries are the answer.
You'd probably end up with having rpm merge /usr/bin/xxx from different
packages into a single fatelf file upon installation, rather than
putting the fat elves in the RPM file. Instead, I think it would be
better to extend FHS to support parallell install of binaries in a way
that gives each arch its own file.

But still, regardless if you go with a new binary format or with "fat
filesystems", you end up blurring the line between native compilation
and cross-compilation. An extended FHS would probably have to deal with
that. (Fedora doesn't guarantee parallell install of -devel packages,
for example.)


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