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Re: Major reorganization of TeX Live packages

On Thursday 22 October 2009 19:46:29 Jiri Cerny wrote:
> Hi Jindrich,
> (sorry for not replaying to the original message, I was reading the
> list through archives)
> I was using TeXLive 2009 repository before, without any problem. After
> seeing your message,
> I followed the instruction
> > In case you have an older TL2009 installed on your system from the
> > testing repository, please consider removing it and installing again.
> and after 'yum install texlive' I get  a lot of missing dependencies.
> Installing texlive requires
> dvipdfm from the F12/rawhide repository, which requires kpathsea from
> the same repository and which in turn
> requires texlive-2007. Will it be fixed with texlive-2007-45 build?

You can get the texlive-2007-45 build  meanwhile with

koji download-build --arch=i686 137706

in this case arch=i686 refers to the architecture of the machine where I am 
testing texlive and 137706 refers to the id of the build for texlive-2007-45 
in f12 (it has been done for f10-13).

With this update of the selected packages the update for the new texlive 
works. :-)

> Jiri

José Abílio

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