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Re: Fedora with Universal Binaries?

King InuYasha wrote:
> I dunno, it could be useful for Live CDs/USBs. It would let you pack
> multiple arches onto a single LiveCD/USB.

The Live CDs are already full without supporting this completely useless 

Surely, the real solution is to position the 64-bit version more prominently 
(instead of driving everyone to the obsolescent 32-bit version), not to 
bloat the CDs with double-size binaries.

> You sound like one of those crazy people that disregard everything that
> may slightly help proprietary software.

I don't see why we should ship our own binaries in a format which ONLY helps 
proprietary software. They can ship whatever they want if they can get the 
kernel to accept their nonstandard ELF.

(That said, it's true that I also do think supporting anything which only 
helps proprietary software is counterproductive. This also includes some 
stuff we're currently doing, like shipping ancient compat-libstdc++ 
versions. We need to encourage third-party developers to ship Free Software, 
not proprietary software! But that wasn't even the point here, supporting 
Fat ELF isn't what I primarily object to, using it is!)

        Kevin Kofler

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