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Re: Fedora 12 Beta

On 10/21/2009 11:49 PM, Michał Piotrowski wrote:
2009/10/21 Adam Williamson<awilliam redhat com>:
On Wed, 2009-10-21 at 12:31 +0200, Michał Piotrowski wrote:
I guess this is a plymouth bug. I disabled it in grub conf and system
works correctly. Is there any chance to completely remove plymouth
from the system? (even from initrd)

> From a quick look, we don't have a bug filed for the fact that entering
the root password at this point doesn't work with Plymouth. Could you
please file one with a full description, and mark it as blocking
F12Blocker? Thanks.

Here is a bug report

I don't know how to mark it as a blocker.

4 - F12 boots really slow on my laptop
http://www.stardust.webpages.pl/files/tmp/bootchart.png something
wrong is happening while udev loading

Please file a bug for this, on 'udev' component for now, and CC Harald
Hoyer (hhoyer at redhat). Thanks!

Note that on my Thinkpad R52 Laptop F11 started doing this after
a udev RPM update. It turned out to be the fact that there was no
floppy drive in my system but the BIOS was configured with one
enabled. I suspect this is default in some laptops so that
docking stations etc work ??
I think this bug is in Bugzilla, but I suspect it has not
been fixed ...


5 - default gnome sound scheme is terrible

This is a pretty subjective topic.

Yes, I know :)


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