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Re: Fedora with Universal Binaries?

Universal binary technology is still used in Snow Leopard, it just is used for supporting both x86_32 and x86_64 arches instead of PPC and x86.

On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 2:27 AM, Matěj Cepl <mcepl redhat com> wrote:
Dne 22.10.2009 19:28, King InuYasha napsal(a):
> I just saw this article about an effort to create Universal binary style
> ELF binaries for Linux, and I thought that this would be something to
> watch, so that Fedora could integrate both x86-32 and x86-64 into single
> DVD sets.
> http://icculus.org/fatelf/
> There is even a proof of concept VM of Ubuntu 9.04 that has both 32-bit
> and 64-bit kernels and all the apps compiled as FatELF binaries

Wandering minds ask what is it good for? I hoped that with Snow Leopard
being intel-only Apple Universal Binaries will finally wither to bad
memories of past (somewhere around the Berlin Wall and Third Reich :)),
and that whole concept of multilib will follow in due course after them.


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