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Re: Fedora 12 Beta now available!

Hi All,

> * Moblin graphical interface for netbooks - The Moblin graphical
> interface and applications are fully integrated thanks to Peter
> Robinson, a Fedora Project volunteer, and others. To use it, just
> install the Moblin Desktop Environment package group using yum or the
> graphical software management tools, and choose Moblin from the login
> manager. A F12 Moblin Fedora Remix (installable Live CD) will also be
> available.

I'm a little late to the Fedora 12 beta party (thanks to life for
getting in the way) as I was hoping to get a test LiveCD out right
after the beta but fashionably late here is the first cut of the
"Fedora Mini - Moblin" livecd based on todays rawhide. It has been
tested on a eee PC 901 and should work fine on Intel Atom based
netbooks. You mileage may vary on other platforms especially on non
Intel graphics cards.

Please let me know of feedback on the live cd and report bugs against
specific packages.


I plan to do at least weekly test releases of the livecd in the lead
up to Fedora 12.


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