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Including windows-binary files for cross compiling into package

Hi all, 

fpc is a pascal-compiler which is able to cross-compile to other
architectures. Nothing really special, but it is also able to
cross-compile to windows, without any dependencies.

I've created a sub-package of the fpc package to make cross-compiling to
windows possible. This package only consist of the run-time-library
compiled for windows. But this means that if I commit this package, I
add windows binary files (in /usr/lib64/fpc/units/x86_64-win64/)

What are the opinions on this? Rpmlint and strip don't like these files
as they are not elf files, but there's no real danger in this?

It would be nice if this sub-package could be added to Fedora, making it
possible to compile with fpc for windows directly.

The srpm and the -win64 package can be found here:

Joost van der Sluis.

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