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Re: Fedora PPC for oldworld Mac?

On 09-10-28 18:24:49, Josh Boyer wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 06:17:31PM -0400, Tony Nelson wrote:
> >Sorry to bug developers, but I didn't get any bites from PPC
> >users on fedora-list.
> >
> >Does Fedora PPC work or install on oldworld PCI Macs, such as
> >a beige G3 desktop?  My impression is that no one has tried it
> >on an oldworld
> No, it doesn't.  The ppc specific release notes cover that here:
> http://docs.fedoraproject.org/release-notes/f11/en-US/
> index.html#sect-Release_Notes-Hardware_Requirements

I'd looked at the release notes.  They says "Minimum CPU: PowerPC 
G3..." and "Although Old World machines should work, they require a 
special bootloader which is not included in the Fedora distribution."  
My question is whether anyone has tried it in any recent Fedora
release and knows whether "should" means "do" or "don't".

(FWIW, the special bootloader is BootX, and Debian Lenny is installing 
now, so /some/ form of Linux works.  I just don't know anything but 
hearsay about Debian.  I see it uses "apt".)

TonyN.:'                       <mailto:tonynelson georgeanelson com>
      '                              <http://www.georgeanelson.com/>

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