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Re: Fwd: Request to update ATi OSS driver for Fedora 12

To Adam Williamson

I have upgraded the latest packages from Rawhide, including xorg-x11-drv-ati and some components of X. It looks quite good. Glxgears performance grows from about 640 fps to more than 1000 fps. Gnome-terminal is more smooth but not perfect. 

I found other problems in Fedora 12. I do not know whether they are related to ATi KMS and opensource dirvers or not. 

First Problem:

Adobe flash player seems to take up too much cpu usage. It makes machine run slow. If I open too many web page full of flash, no matter in chromium or in firefox, It is too slow. I almost can not do anything. Firefox looks a little better than chormium. maybe there is a bug of chromium , or adobe flash player or ATi's driver. I can not make sure. I test on another desktop (NVIDIA card). It looks better. CPU usage is still very high, however, flash player runs enough smoothly. And then, Tom 'spot' Callaway has not pushed a new upgrade for chromium browser. But I do not want to disturbing him. I just wait for him silently. Haha!

Second Problem:

I try to hibernate my desktop. Later I wake them up. The brightness of LCD screen is not normal. It is too low. I nearly can not see what is it in the screen. I switch to tty console. It is the same with GUI environment. My screen is LG L1953T 19" inch flat screen. Is the bug related to ATi drivers?

At last, Thanks to developers again.  

Fight for freedom!!!!(3F)
Ask not what your Linux distro can do for you!
Ask what you can do for your Linux distro!

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