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2009-10-22 - Power Management Test Day report

Here a short report from the Power Management Fedora Test day on 10/22/09 [1]. First of all many thanks to all the people who participated in it and who reported their findings. In order to make things easier for testers and to make sure we get a lot more stable and comparable results Marcela Maslanova, Jan Vcelak and Petr Lautrbach put together a rpm that consisted of all our test scripts, an easy call-script to easily run them and a "collect" script to pack together all results. Additionally the rpm itself has requirements against all the packages we needed for the tests, so a simple installation of the testday rpm provided a solid and easy method for every tester. This worked out really well and made test results very consistent. Unfortunately time ran out for including the automatic upload script from Mike McGrath and the ALPM test script, but that didn't seem to pose a big problem, roughly half of the testers provided results for ALPM as well.

We got 30 results overall with half of them including ALPM test results, too. Overall the results showed us what we wanted to know:

- The tools we're shipping are working as expected, no crashes or anything like that observed - Wakeups and system behavior in genereral in comparison to our Fedora 11 test day doesn't show any regressions
 - New features seem to be working as expected

Rudolf Kastel discovered one strange bug with one of the profiles which we couldn't reproduce yet, but we're still investigating with him.

All in all the whole test day was a real success. Especially the great idea of Marcela, Jan and Petr to make a rpm for the testday which automated a lot of the work that needed to be done.

For the next testday we already plan to expand that idea and include the automated upload script which will make it even easier for the testers.

[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2009-10-22

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