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Re: Feature request: AMD K10 thermal sensors

Dne 29.10.2009 12:38, Christoph Höger napsal(a):
since a year or so the AMD K10 thermal sensors module (k10temp) seems to
be floating around  the web. I would appreciate some kernel packager
integrating it into the fedora 11 stock kernel - since without it I can
not build (and trust!) a silent cooling system.

Any plans on this issue?

AMD K10 sensors support has been repeatedly refused by upstream lm_sensors developers because of the sensors' unreliability.

e.g. Rudolf Marek said in LKML on 2009-08-28:
There is a problem that all chips of fam10h have some errata which renders the
monitoring driver unusable. Some people proposed a workaround if temps look too
suspicious to refuse to load. This is against a sense of monitoring to refuse
the values where they don't look "right". So there is no driver.


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