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Re: Font rendering slightly degraded in recent rawhide

Le Jeu 29 octobre 2009 17:21, Christoph Frieben a écrit :

> The empirical result remains, however, and it is consistent with that
> of any other font that I have looked at.

It is consistent for you. You'd need a massive test campaign to prove this is
not subjective, not limited to a specific set of fonts, a particular
hardware/screen resolution/dpi, etc. The internet is littered with opinions on
font rendering that all disagree with each other.

>> Luxi Mono is not the Red Hat/Fedora monospaced font and is not even in the
>> distribution.
> It was the default monospaced font for RHL 8/9, Fedora Core 1/2/3/4/5/6,
> RHEL 3/4/5 and still **is** for current RHEL 5.4. I thus consider legitimate
> to
> comment on it, too, as I expect to be not the only person being attached
> to using it ..

You may comment on it, but do not expect Fedora to care over-much about a
component that was removed in Fedora 9 (4 release cycles ago, for legal
reasons so it has 0 chance to get back in). For RHEL please go through RHEL

Nicolas Mailhot

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