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Re: Font rendering slightly degraded in recent rawhide

Matěj Cepl <mcepl redhat com> writes:

> I don't think we should back progress in order to be friendly to buggy
> closed Microsoft fonts. I know they are quite common outside of the
> Linux world, but I think
> a) our free fonts are now so good, that we could limit ourselves to
> this FSF-nirvana ghetto, it doesn't cost that much,
> b) many modern fonts (e.g., my preferred Inconsolata) just rely on
> real hinting being present, and it doesn't work that well with
> auto-hinter. Just because of this font, I have switched to
> freefont-freeworld and I cannot be more happy with it.

It would be nice if fonts like Inconsolata somehow set a flag that they
require hinting. This would prevent the side effects on old fonts.

Your post prompted me to try out Inconsolata in F11. I do not find the
Inconsolata hinting all that impressive though. No hinting at all is
indeed horrible. With full hinting, the "g" gets deformed on my screen,
where it is quite good with medium hinting. The vertical stroke in the
"a" is quite wide and distracting no matter which hinting is chosen.

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