[Fedora-directory-commits] dsgw/pbconfig pb.tmpl.in,1.2,1.3

Richard Allen Megginson (rmeggins) fedora-directory-commits at redhat.com
Wed Jan 30 02:22:49 UTC 2008

Author: rmeggins

Update of /cvs/dirsec/dsgw/pbconfig
In directory cvs-int.fedora.redhat.com:/tmp/cvs-serv15541/dsgw/pbconfig

Modified Files:
Log Message:
Renamed setup to setup-ds-dsgw to be consistent with other setup scripts
setup-ds-dsgw will attempt to use settings from pre-configured admin server
and directory server
Config files will use an ldap url and http url - this is so that we can use
http or https and ldap or ldaps - previously, dsgw was configured during
regular DS setup, which did not allow TLS/SSL setup - we must be able to
configure the dsgw for TLS/SSL during setup now
Changed XP_GetClientStr back to just always return a malloc'd string - there
are cases where we cannot use a static
There were some places where we were using a form with POST + a query string
Use SERVER_NAME instead of HTTP_HOST because the latter has the port number
already in it

Index: pb.tmpl.in
RCS file: /cvs/dirsec/dsgw/pbconfig/pb.tmpl.in,v
retrieving revision 1.2
retrieving revision 1.3
diff -u -r1.2 -r1.3
--- pb.tmpl.in	28 Jan 2008 21:22:49 -0000	1.2
+++ pb.tmpl.in	30 Jan 2008 02:22:47 -0000	1.3
@@ -36,15 +36,15 @@
 # All rights reserved.
-baseurl       "ldap://@host@:@port@/@suffix@"
+baseurl       "@ldapurl@/@suffix@"
 dirmgr        "@dirmgr@"
 location-suffix       @suffix@
-securitypath  "@contextdir@"
+securitypath  "@securitydir@"
-url-orgchart-base     http://@host@:@httpport@@cgiuri@/org?context=pb&data=
+url-orgchart-base     @httpurl@@cgiuri@/org?context=pb&data=
 # The attribute the orgchart uses to search for entries.
 # This value should correspond to the value of attrib-farleft-rdn
@@ -70,11 +70,6 @@
 # are valid (in seconds).
 authlifetime	7200
-# The libNLS data directory.  This directory should contain a directory
-# named "locales", which contains the configuration files LANG.ctx and
-# LANG.txt for each supported language (locale).
-NLS ../../../lib/nls
 # The default character set, for communication with HTTP clients.
 # A client may override this default, using an HTTP Accept-Charset header.
 # Or, this default may be overridden for a specific language, by creating

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