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Subject: 	Re: [LDAP-interop] LDAPv3 NOT search filter behavior
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From: 	Benjamin Lewis <bhlewis at purdue.edu>
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On July 1 2005, Rich Megginson wrote:

> What happens if you specify the uid attribute to be returned?

The uid attribute is returned for those entries that have one.

> ldapsearch "(!(uid=quanah))" uid
> ?  Does it return only those entries that have a uid attribute?  Does 
> OpenLDAP omit entries from the search results that match the search 
> filter but do not contain the attribute listed in the attribute list in 
> the search request?

No.  You might use something like '(&(uid=*)(!(uid=quanah)))' to
return only the entries that have a uid attribute.  It would probably
be better to use objectClass to restrict the search to the type of
objects you're looking for.  Perhaps something like


Benjamin Lewis <bhlewis at purdue.edu>
Security Analyst, Identity and Access Management
IT Security and Privacy
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