[Fedora-directory-users] FDS support for Windows?

David Boreham david_list at boreham.org
Fri Jul 8 13:40:58 UTC 2005

Joshua Kampmeier wrote:

>I was wondering if the Fedora Directory Server supports Windows clients? I didn't see anything on the site about it. Sorry if it's there and I just missed it.
FDS is an LDAP server : so it supports any LDAP client, which would of 
include software running on the Windows OS. But I suspect that isn't 
your real question.
Are you asking if it's possible to use FDS for Microsoft's user and 
machine authentication
mechanisms, as a drop-in replacement for their Active Directory ? If so 
the answer is no,
because those mechanisms use additional protocols beyond standard LDAP. 
It should be possible to
achieve AD-replacement with the new Samba4 and FDS as a back-end but
AFAIK that project is still in development.

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