[Fedora-directory-users] Advantages of using FDS vs OpenLDAP?

Kevin Myer kevin_myer at iu13.org
Fri Jul 8 16:01:59 UTC 2005

If I can piggyback off of this question and ask another: advantages of using
RedHat Directory Server vs. Fedora Directory Server?

The only thing I can see we get with RedHat Directory server is 
official support
(and at the prices I was quoted per year, for two servers, I could hire half a
person, although academic pricing wasn't available at the time :)

The situation I'm in is one where I have an aging directory infrastructure,
going all the way back to the days when the Directory Server was branded with
the Netscape brand :)  Its been on my TODO list to upgrade to something, for
the past two years, but I never got around to migrating to OpenLDAP, for a
number of reasons.  With the release of RedHat/Fedora Directory Server, it was
a matter of installing it, adding a few schema modifications, exporting data
from the old server, and importing into the new.  Simple as pie.  I've been
running with that in a test environment for a month, no problems.  And I'm
ready to plan out a full scale conversion and setup multimaster replication.

So am I missing anything obvious, beside official support, for what I 
would pay
for Red Hat Directory Server?


Kevin M. Myer
Senior Systems Administrator
Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13  http://www.iu13.org

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