[Fedora-directory-users] Advantages of using FDS vs OpenLDAP?

Sam Tran stlist at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 16:49:16 UTC 2005

On 7/8/05, Kevin Myer <kevin_myer at iu13.org> wrote:
> If I can piggyback off of this question and ask another: advantages of using
> RedHat Directory Server vs. Fedora Directory Server?
> The only thing I can see we get with RedHat Directory server is
> official support
> (and at the prices I was quoted per year, for two servers, I could hire half a
> person, although academic pricing wasn't available at the time :)
> The situation I'm in is one where I have an aging directory infrastructure,
> going all the way back to the days when the Directory Server was branded with
> the Netscape brand :)  Its been on my TODO list to upgrade to something, for
> the past two years, but I never got around to migrating to OpenLDAP, for a
> number of reasons.  With the release of RedHat/Fedora Directory Server, it was
> a matter of installing it, adding a few schema modifications, exporting data
> from the old server, and importing into the new.  Simple as pie.  I've been
> running with that in a test environment for a month, no problems.  And I'm
> ready to plan out a full scale conversion and setup multimaster replication.

Hi Kevin,

I am using OpenLDAP in our environment. I've been thinking to migrate FDS.

I was wondering how FDS compares with OpenLDAP in terms of performance.

If you don't mind me asking how big is your current LDAP
infrastructure in terms of entries and number of connections/sec.? How
well your test FDS performs compare to your current LDAP server?

I would appreciate your input.


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