[Fedora-directory-users] integrating samba and FDS/RHDS (draft 1)

Mike Jackson mj at sci.fi
Sat Jul 9 10:55:39 UTC 2005

Adam Stokes wrote:
> I have taken some time out to write up a rough draft on integrating
> samba with RHDS/FDS. Please have a look and I welcome any and all
> comments/modifications.

  I read that document and it looks really good. Still, I have some 

1) It should be mentioned that RHDS and FDS are equal, so that the 
reader won't be confused.

2) When displaying instance location, it should show both RHDS and FDS, e.g.




3) In order to further eliminate confusion, the instance directory could 
be referenced with backticks which can be escaped by the shell:

	/opt/redhat-ds/slapd-`hostname -s`

This is the default location, and anybody who modifies this already 
knows what they are doing...

4) It's not really necessary to include long, cryptic perl scripts 
(which I wrote!), in the body of the document. Adding the link to 
download it is enough.

5) The migration tools from openldap-servers are open source, why not 
just make them available for individual download as well. Somebody may 
not be able to install that RPM just to get those two scripts.

And finally, what are you doing the document sources with? If you do it 
with DocBook, then it's much easier for people to send contribution patches.


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