[Fedora-directory-users] Database recreation, automount and performance

Tay, Gary Gary_Tay at platts.com
Thu Jul 14 08:21:00 UTC 2005

I use FDS 7.1 comes with IBM JRE 1.4.2 on my 128MB RAM, PIII RHEL4 PC to
run TWO "startconsole" sessions, ONE from local console, THE OTHER from
a Windows XP PC using VNC viewer over SSH (PuTTY), I have around 200
"dn:" entries in LDAP DIT.

I did not experience any slowness in BOTH X Windows sessions, are you
using RHFC3 or RHEL3 or 2.6.x kernel? I believe older versions/kernels
tend not to shine in X performance.

The followings may be some other means you could explore to speed up
console performance.

0) Use kernel 2.6.x
1) Use VNC over SSH, this is definitely better performing than just SSH
and "startx".
2) Create "Browsing Indexes" for ou=People and ou=group, or whatever you
want to browse.
3) Do a "startconsole -D" and capture the first line to
"my_startconsole", fine tune the "-ms8m -mx64m" JVM memory requirement
footprints, then run "my_startconsole".
4) Check who is the culprit in CPU usage at "top" command and do
something about it.
5) Check and tune RedHat kernel parameters in /etc/sysctl.conf and run
"sysctl", RHEL4 sets default fs.file-max to 65536 it seems.


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David Boreham wrote on 07/13/2005 02:21 PM:
> Console performance is great for me. There should be
> no performance problems per se on that hardware.
> What operations in particular seem slow ?

Switching tabs and in particular browsing the data. We only have a few 
hundred users, and it takes the GUI about 5 seconds to show the first 
batch of users (about 15), and the performance does not improve even 
after the whole list is loaded - clicking and scrolling take up to 10 
seconds to respond. I'll probably stick with other tools for data 
administration if I don't find ways to improve the console speed.


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