[Fedora-directory-users] Solaris Client

George Holbert gholbert at broadcom.com
Thu Jul 14 18:08:06 UTC 2005

Hi Brian,

By "Solaris Clients", I assume you mean Solaris naming service (for 
passwd, group, etc.).

The answer is yes.  Any modern, properly configured LDAP server, 
including Fedora DS, can support Solaris naming service.  However, 
getting the server "properly configured" can be tricky.

However, since Sun's own directory server ("Sun Java Enterprise System 
Directory Server") is so very similar to Fedora DS, much of the same 
preparation methods and documentation regarding SunDS will apply 
directly to Fedora DS.

A good starting point would be Gary Tay's fine documentation at:

Gary's docs were written around iPlanet/Sun DS, but as I mentioned, 
pretty much all of this should also apply to Fedora DS.

Good luck!
-- George

Brian Martinez wrote:

> All,
> Does the Fedora DS support Solaris Clients?  If so, where can I find 
> information, schema examples, etc....
> Thanks in advance,
> Brian
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