[Fedora-directory-users] Solaris Client

Brian Martinez martinez_brain at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 14 18:56:10 UTC 2005


That is correct, we are attempting to use the FDS7 as a central 
authentication system for Solaris 10 NSS Clients with a PAM backend.

We believe that we are missing the proper schemas on the server 
(DUAConfigProfile and Solaris) to support the Solaris Clients.  The ones on 
Tay's website seem to be in the wrong format (schema instead of ldif)...or 
we just dont know how to import them!

We have been scrounging his site for clues/ideas...developers on the client 
side are convinced the server is the issue...developers on the server side 
believe it is the client.  My take is that we already have the server "most" 
of the way, because we are successfully authenticating Linux clients 
securely to the FDS7 server and we are missing some essential piece on the 
server side to solve the Solaris puzzle.

If you have any further thoughts, ideas, or prayers...feel free to send them 
our way.

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>Hi Brian,
>By "Solaris Clients", I assume you mean Solaris naming service (for passwd, 
>group, etc.).
>The answer is yes.  Any modern, properly configured LDAP server, including 
>Fedora DS, can support Solaris naming service.  However, getting the server 
>"properly configured" can be tricky.
>However, since Sun's own directory server ("Sun Java Enterprise System 
>Directory Server") is so very similar to Fedora DS, much of the same 
>preparation methods and documentation regarding SunDS will apply directly 
>to Fedora DS.
>A good starting point would be Gary Tay's fine documentation at:
>Gary's docs were written around iPlanet/Sun DS, but as I mentioned, pretty 
>much all of this should also apply to Fedora DS.
>Good luck!
>-- George
>Brian Martinez wrote:
>>Does the Fedora DS support Solaris Clients?  If so, where can I find 
>>information, schema examples, etc....
>>Thanks in advance,
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