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[Fedora-directory-users] FDS and AD integration troubles

FDS 10.4 on RH Enterprise 4.5 , AD on W2003 sp2.
SSL active on both side with server certificates from same CA (openSSL).
PassSync and Replication Directory Agreement configured on SSL.

I like to share my experience just to figure out if FDS and AD could be integrated in real life scenario. Basically I would be able to keep in sync password and use FDS (or AD) as a common place to manage password expiration.

Password Sync.

Since now following FDS wiki and other (few) source in Internet I has been able to keep in sync password as follows:

password changed on AD is properly replicated on FDS
password changed on FDS  (console) is properly replicated on AD
password changed on Linux (via LdapPam) is not replicated on AD. I suspect some encoding issues, since logs seem OK.

Anybody is facing or confirm this behaviour ?

Password expiration (a must for me)

Is it possible to manage password expiration from FDS (via Managed Password Policy for Users...right click on config/pulgins) to apply both for AD and Linux LdapPam athenticated users? How should I manage this ?

Second question. If activated send warning check box, how are users notified ?

Account expiration

It seems that account disabling action is not replicated from FDS to AD neither from AD to FDS. Is this correct?


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