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Re: [Fedora-directory-users] multi-master limit

Jason Beavers wrote:
Hi all,

New to FedoraDS. I'm doing some research for an upcoming application that will require LDAP. This App will consist of multiple servers (10 or more) in different geographical locations. Each server will authenticate against itself and serve its own local data. The full LDAP directory needs to be replicated across all servers so that users can login to any server.

I've read that there is a limit of 4 writable servers in multi-master replication. Is this a hard limit or a soft (reccomendation) limit?
That means 4 is the highest number of masters we've tested exhaustively. The protocol supports up to 2^32-2 masters, but you will usually hit a practical limit in the number of replication agreements. Each repl. agreement runs a separate thread, so you will usually be constrained by resources - available RAM, processors, etc.
The application will need to write changes directly to itself on all servers
The application will write the changes directly to each of the 10 masters?
so that they are immediately available locally, then replicated to other servers.

Is this possible with FedoraDS?
Yes, it is possible.

Thanks in advance!


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