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Re: [Fedora-directory-users] Announcing Fedora DirectoryServer 1.1Beta

Jared B. Griffith wrote:
I resorted to installing it on FreeBSD 6.2 and concentrating on that rather than working on the test server that I was installing on. I ended up using the ports versions of nss and nspr since the source installs of those packages from the Mozilla sites were, well, difficult at best to install. I did end up getting svrcore source installed by using the source from Mozilla. This was easy and went flawlessly as long as you provide all the configure options as to where nss and nspr (include and lib) directories are located. Now I am at the c-sdk package (I am using the one I got out of the source ldapsdk rpm). I am using that one since the sdk from Mozilla seemed a bit beyond my source compilation experience (which I am a bit out of practice since we mainly concentrate on what is available from the upstream providers - either from Gentoo or FreeBSD, a bit of company policy). I am using the configure script, and throwing as many configure options as humanly possible (since I want to make sure it doesn't overwrite the current ldap header files and libraries). Configure finishes fine. I then use gmake rather than the normal make to build the source (since I am sure that it would be looking for gnu make, and running make just gives me a bunch of errors), it appears to build, which I am really just guessing on since there are no messages about either build errors or completion errors. There are some errors while it is building, but nothing fatal (some normal thread errors and what not). Since it appears that the gmake finishes completely, I then run gmake install (again, this finishes as the gmake does, with no error or completion messages). The problem I am seeing is that even though it seems like the configure, build, and install completed, it did not install any of the files into the directories I specified or anywhere else on the machine. Could I be missing something? Is it erroring out possibly? Do I need to copy the built files over to the directories that I want them in? Of course, not having the ldapsdk package installed means that I cannot install the fedora-ds. I am keeping track of what I am doing and would be happy to either give you a step by step of this or put it on the fedora-ds wiki if I am able to get this built correctly and running as it does on Gentoo and Centos. I would also like to update the Gentoo one, since that one is missing some important information that needs to be on there to get it running properly (though the web part of it doesn't run as it does when using the rpm build, not sure what is missing, but the Management console and the LDAP parts all work fine without error).

Thanks for all your help and pointers up until this point Rich. It's greatly appreciated.
Unfortunately, the mozldap package configure doesn't work like regular autotool configure does - it doesn't honor --prefix, and make install doesn't work, neither does make DESTDIR=/path install. You have to install all of the files manually. If you have the srpm, take a look a the spec file, in the %install section. You'll see just what it does.

We might want to take this discussion off of the fedora-ds list and on to the dev-tech-ldap lists mozilla org list. We also might want to update wiki.mozilla.org with this information about building on BSD.

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