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Re: [Fedora-directory-users] ACIs Don't Work?

Glenn wrote:
I'm trying to establish an ACI for directory administrators in Fedora Directory 1.0.3. In the directory console, I right-click the OU and select "Set Access Permissions". I visit each tab in the visual editor and enter the correct users, rights, targets, hosts and times. After saving, the OU shows one ACI. Then I log in to the web-based Directory Server Gateway as one of the users specified in the ACI, but I am unable to edit another user's directory attributes. The error message is:

"An error occurred while contacting the LDAP server.
(Insufficient access - Insufficient 'write' privilege to the 'roomNumber' attribute of entry 'uid=tsmith,ou=main,ou=people,dc=txwes,dc=edu'. )

You do not have sufficient privileges to perform the operation."

I checked all the inherited ACIs on the OU, and no rights are denied. What else should I look at? Thanks. -Glenn.
It would be very helpful if you could post the acis you have:
ldapsearch -x -D "cn=directory manager" -w password -s sub -b "dc=your, dc=suffix" "aci=*" aci
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