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RE: [Fedora-directory-users] Looking for documentation to setupOSX to FDS.


Authenticate, and pull down a home directory mount point to mount a
CIFS/NAS file share for a mac user dependant on the user or an NFS mount
point for others.

So I need to have MAC clients to FDS and use password sync and pull data
(one way) from AD2003.

I have two classes of MAC user, the general populace who use Microsoft
file services on a NAS box, so at the moment as far as I can determine I
need to populate ntuserhomedir in FDS from AD2003....

Then the Mac/BSD fanatics uh...I mean users who would not be seen dead
touching anything MS, so I need to populate homedirectory with a NFS
mount to a RH Linux NFS server which is virtualised on VMware or (for
now) an NFS mount point on a MAC OSX server.....

I don't want to have AD2003, and FDS/RDS and yet another LDAP server for
the MACs....


Steven Jones
Senior  Linux/Unix/San/Vmware System Administrator
APG -Technology Integration Team
Victoria University of Wellington
Phone: +64 4 463 6272

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On Fri, 2007-12-07 at 11:44 +1300, Steven Jones wrote:
> regards
crystal ball cloudy...

to do what? authenticate?

Open up Directory Access on any Mac...it should be fairly obvious.

For NFS mounts, you'll have to get apple.schema from Apple and improvise


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