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Re: [Fedora-directory-users] single master replication: error

Elisa Pellegrini wrote:
I try to configure single master replication. I have this error in the supplier: simple bind failed, ldap sdk error 91,netscape portable runtime error -5961 (tcp connection reset by peer).
What is the problem?
It means the supplier could not open a connection to the consumer.

I configure the consumer and the suppliers as it's explain in administation's guide.

In replication agreement wizard ask me to use ssl (is necessary to clic next, why?). Is necessary to enable ssl in both supplier than consumer server? (in config-encryption tab?)
No, it is not necessary to enable ssl for replication. I recommend getting replication working first, then enable TLS/SSL if you need it.
or is enable through the wizard?
No, the replication wizard cannot perform all of the steps necessary to enable TLS/SSL for the server. However, if the server is already set up to use TLS/SSL, you can check the box in the replication wizard to enable replication using TLS/SSL.
If I use simple auth. in bind dn is necessary to specify cn=replication manager,cn=config (create in consumer)

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