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Re: [Fedora-directory-users] Newb question about Solaris X86

Chris G. Sellers wrote:
I've searched some of the lists and was unable to find much of anything on this topic.

I have a Solaris X86 (openSolaris) environment that I would like to use FDS on. I've tried to compile the environment (using GCC as well as SunC) and got all the way to the 'adminutil' section where it can not find prio.h

Has anyone been able to get FDS going on Solaris x86 and if so what was the recipe for success.

mkdir -p /var/tmp/dsbuild-fds104/ds/adminutil/work/fedora-adminutil-1.0.4/built/SunOS5.11_i86pc_OPT.OBJ/lib/libadminutil cc -DSOLARIS -c -DSVR4 -D__svr4 -D__svr4__ -D_SVID_GETTOD -DOSVERSION=5011 -DNO_NODELOCK -DXP_UNIX -DSOLARISx86 -xO2 -DNET_SSL -DSPAPI20 -DBUILD_NUM=\"2007.345.1339\" -DNET_SSL -DSPAPI20 -DBUILD_NUM=\"2007.345.1339\" -I/var/tmp/dsbuild-fds104/ds/adminutil/work/fedora-adminutil-1.0.4/include -I/var/tmp/dsbuild-fds104/ds/mozilla/work/mozilla/dist/OPT.OBJ/include -I/var/tmp/dsbuild-fds104/ds/mozilla/work/mozilla/dist/public/nss -I/var/tmp/dsbuild-fds104/ds/mozilla/work/mozilla/dist/public/ldap -I/var/tmp/dsbuild-fds104/ds/icu/work/icu-3.4/built/include psetc.c -o /var/tmp/dsbuild-fds104/ds/adminutil/work/fedora-adminutil-1.0.4/built/SunOS5.11_i86pc_OPT.OBJ/lib/libadminutil/psetc.o
"psetc.c", line 30: cannot find include file: <prio.h>
It should be in the directory /var/tmp/dsbuild-fds104/ds/mozilla/work/mozilla/dist/OPT.OBJ/include - does that directory exist? What's in it?

Thank you (and congratulations) to anyone who can assist.

Chris G. Sellers        Lead Internet Engineer
National Institute for Technology & Liberal Ed.
535 West William Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48103
chris sellers nitle org         734.661.2318

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