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[Fedora-directory-users] Questions about setting up replication by modifying ldap directly.

I'm working on a perl script that will allow you to setup replication agreements from the commandline using Net::LDAP.  I've pretty much taken most of the ideas out of the existing mmr.pl and added some more functionality ( and made the code look alot worse lol :)

I have a couple questions about a few attributes involved in the various object classes used in replication,  and a couple logic questions to boot.

First off,  I've been using the sun docs from 6.1 here


for some of the attribute and object class info.  I hope it still applies :P

1.  When using the console,  and you right click the replication agreement,  you have the option to "Send Updates Now".  Which attribute does that set?  I'm assuming its not nsds5BeginReplicaRefresh,  but that looks like the closest item from either nsDS5Replica or nsDS5ReplicationAgreement object classes.

Now for some logic questions.  When creating a Supplier -> dedicated consumer replication.  Here's a rough outline of what I'm doing

1.  Supplier -> create replication user
2. Consumer -> create replication user
3. Supplier -> add changelog object ("cn=changelog5,cn=config")
4. Consumer -> add changelog object ("cn=changelog5,cn=config")
5. Supplier -> add replica object ("cn=replica,cn=\"$config{BASE_DN}\",cn=mapping tree,cn=config")
6. Consumer -> add replica object ("cn=replica,cn=\"$config{BASE_DN}\",cn=mapping tree,cn=config") (consumer and supplier rep objects do have their own specific settings in these objects)
7. Supplier -> create rep agreement object ("cn=\"Replication to $to\",cn=replica,cn=\"$base\",cn=mapping tree,cn=config")
8.  Consumer -> update referral information in 
dn: cn=$config{BASE_DN},cn=mapping tree,cn=config (nsslapd-referral attribute)
dn: cn=replica,cn="$config{BASE_DN}",cn=mapping tree,cn=config (nsDS5ReplicaReferral attribute)
9. Consumer -> modify dn: cn=$config{BASE_DN},cn=mapping tree,cn=config attribute nsslapd-state to "referral on update"

I *think* thats it.  From what I can when dumping cn=config the 3 objects on the consumer end up something like this.  Also there's an empty value for 
nsslapd-referralmode:  is that normal?

# dc\3Dxxx\2Cdc\3Dec\2Cdc\3Dgc\2Cdc\3Dca, mapping tree, config
dn: cn="dc=xxx,dc=ec,dc=gc,dc=ca",cn=mapping tree,cn=config
objectClass: top
objectClass: extensibleObject
objectClass: nsMappingTree
cn: "dc=xxx,dc=ec,dc=gc,dc=ca"
nsslapd-state: referral on update
nsslapd-backend: userRoot
nsslapd-referral: ldap://SRVR1:389/dc=xxx,dc=ec,dc=gc,dc=ca
nsslapd-referral: ldap://SRVR2:389/dc=xxx,dc=ec,dc=gc,dc=ca

# replica, dc\3Dxxx\2Cdc\3Dec\2Cdc\3Dgc\2Cdc\3Dca, mapping tree, config
dn: cn=replica,cn="dc=xxx,dc=ec,dc=gc,dc=ca",cn=mapping tree,cn=config
objectClass: nsDS5Replica
objectClass: top
nsDS5ReplicaRoot: dc=xxx,dc=ec,dc=gc,dc=ca
nsDS5ReplicaType: 2
nsDS5Flags: 0
nsds5ReplicaPurgeDelay: 604800
nsDS5ReplicaBindDN: uid=RManager,cn=config
cn: replica
nsDS5ReplicaId: 65535
nsDS5ReplicaName: 60c64002-1dd211b2-8039bd5e-680e0000
nsDS5ReplicaReferral: ldap://SRVR1:389/dc=xxx,dc=ec,dc=gc,dc=ca
nsDS5ReplicaReferral: ldap://SRVR2:389/dc=xxx,dc=ec,dc=gc,dc=ca
nsds5ReplicaChangeCount: 2
nsds5replicareapactive: 0

# changelog5, config
dn: cn=changelog5,cn=config
objectClass: top
objectClass: extensibleObject
cn: changelog5
nsslapd-changelogdir: /opt/fedora-ds/slapd-srvr3/changelogdb

Now for setting up an MMR agreement between 2 suppliers

1. Source -> create rep user
2. Target -> create rep user
3. Source -> create changelog object
4. Target -> create changelog object
5. Source -> create replica object
6. Target -> create replica object
7. Source -> create rep agreement
8. Target -> create rep agreement
9. Source -> set nsDS5BeginReplicaRefresh in the rep agreement on the source to init the target.
10. Source -> update dn: cn="$config{BASE_DN}",cn=mapping tree,cn=config attribute nsslapd-referral with the ldap://target:PORT/$config{BASE_DN}
11. Target -> update dn: cn="$config{BASE_DN}",cn=mapping tree,cn=config attribute nsslapd-referral with the ldap://source:PORT/$config{BASE_DN}

How does that look?  

Should the multi-valued attribute nsslapd-referral contain entries for each server for which it has a MMR agreement with?

One other question,  it seems that sometimes the value has the escape codes for the comma while sometimes it has the actual comma. 

ryan infinity:~/fds-tools$ grep -i Referral *
xxxoff-config:nsslapd-referral: ldap://xxxoff0.xxx.ec.gc.ca:389/dc%3Dxxx%2Cdc%3Dec%2Cdc%3Dgc
xxxsrvr4-config:nsslapd-referral: ldap://srvr1:389/dc=xxx,dc=ec,dc=gc,dc=ca

I assume either way will work and not break anything?  (which seems to be the case as it's running :)

Ryan Braun
Informatics Operations
Aviation and Defence Services Division 
Chief Information Officer Branch, Environment Canada 
CIV: (204) 833-2500x2824 CSN: 257-2824  FAX: (204) 833-2524
E-Mail: Ryan Braun ec gc ca 

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