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Re: [Fedora-directory-users] (no subject)

>> audunroe tihlde org wrote:

<snip all>
> I've now tested the RHEL4 x86_64 rpms. The errmsg is different, but the
> outcome pretty much the same. The startup-script post-install fails in
> just the same way, but I get a slightly different error (but for the same
> library) when running the start-admin script:
> httpd.worker: Syntax error on line 151 of
> /opt/fedora-ds/admin-serv/config/httpd.conf: Cannot load
> /opt/fedora-ds/bin/admin/lib/libmodrestartd.so into server:
> /opt/fedora-ds/bin/admin/lib/libmodrestartd.so: undefined symbol:
> apr_filename_of_pathname

Replying to myself here. Anyway: Found a post about the same issue in the
mailing list archives[1], and of course it did turn out that the machine
had httpd v2.2. Simply using the FC6 rpms instead of the RHEL4-ones seems
to have done the trick.

I have yet to successfully connect to the server using the admin client
for ultimate verification(tm), due to a firewall issue.  All error
messages are gone, however, and I can telnet to the port from localhost as
well as another box in the same net, so I assume it's working now. Thanks
for the nudge in the right direction!


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